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Royal Van Eerd was founded in 1919 as a commercial printing company in the centre of Tilburg. In 1977 ‘Grafische Industrie Van Eerd’ moved to our present location. In 1960 we acquired our first pharmaceutical customer. That turned out to be successful so we decided to specialise in cartons for the pharmaceutical sector. Since 1987 all our customers have been pharmaceutical companies. The period that followed was one of significant growth and the number of employees increased from fifty in 1995 to 130 in 2020. In order to keep up with this growth, we had to make alterations to our building and invest heavily in machines, IT and infrastructure. We are ISO certified and certified supplier for many customers. Our objective is continuity, reliability and being a proactive partner.

We celebrated our centenary on December 1st 2019. For this we received the Royal designation, an honorary title that means a lot to us and makes us particularly proud. It is a reward for the work of everyone who is committed or who has worked for Royal Van Eerd.

Because we care

Supplying the pharmaceutical sector implies extra responsibilities. Our customers devote a great deal of care to the production of medicines. With a similar degree of care, we produce the very best packaging for those medicines.

We take care of business

We supply cartons perfectly, quickly and on time. Our processes and organisation are fully compliant with GMP standards. However, good reliability and supplying good quality is not enough for us. Together with our customers we continuously work on improvements and savings.

We all

All our employees contribute to our product aiming to achieve the same goal: a satisfied customer. We devote a great deal of energy to involving and developing our staff. Short lines of communication and an effective consultation structure at all levels help to generate good team spirit.

  • We Care

    We Care

    Our customers manufacture products with a great deal of care, and it is with the same high level of care that we make our cartons.

  • We take care of business

    We take care
    of business

    Our aim is to provide a perfect service to our customers. We are only satisfied when they are.

  • We all

    We all

    Each one of our employees makes a vital contribution to our end product. Together we are Royal Van Eerd.

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