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Our specialism


We produce packaging for the pharmaceutical and related industries in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These range from a simple side seam carton to a complicated carton with an interior or other inside, sometimes with braille or a label. The basic material is duplex cardboard.


We produce different specials:

  • Folding carton with multiple chambers and integrated partitioning to keep the carton contents in a fixed position.

  • Child-resistant packaging, such as developed by Locked4Kids, that cannot be opened by children.

  • Anti-counterfeit methods to prevent medicines from being counterfeited:

    • The application of micro-texts or special lacquers/inks

    • Producing anti-theft seals so contents can only be removed by damaging the packaging.


We also arrange the design of various types of packaging and information leaflets We supervise the entire printing process by taking over the prepress work, managing the files and ensuring that the correct file is ready to print whenever necessary.

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