Jiliany Windster,

'We operate as a team... We all!'

Jiliany Windster, allround employee

Marc Hultermans,

'My passion is perfect printing each and every day!'

Marc Hultermans, printer

Bert van der Pijl,

'I am only satisfied when my printing can be processed by my colleagues without any problems'

Bert van der Pijl, printer

Alex Doedu,

'I cut the boxes with utmost precision'

Alex Doedu, die cutter

Roel van Eerd,

'We are all members of the same team and we have one goal'

Roel van Eerd, director

Agnieska Adamczyk,

'What I love about my work? That my contribution to the process is important'

Agnieska Adamczyk, allround employee

Mario van Mierlo,

'Saying no to a customer, is not an option'

Mario van Mierlo, sales & marketing manager

Peter van de Asheuvel,

'My goal is that my colleagues can smoothly process my cutting work into boxes'

Peter van de Asheuvel, die cutter

Boris Kwantes,

' We have achieved success together, for more than 100 years'

Boris Kwantes, director

Royal Van Eerd makes high-quality folding boxboard cartons for its customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Each one of our employees makes a vital contribution: We all care.

  • We Care

    We Care

    Our customers manufacture products with a great deal of care, and it is with the same high level of care that we make our cartons.

  • We take care of business

    We take care
    of business

    Our aim is to provide a perfect service to our customers. We are only satisfied when they are.

  • We all

    We all

    Each one of our employees makes a vital contribution to our end product. Together we are Royal Van Eerd.

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