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We all care

All Van Eerd employees have the same shared goal, namely a satisfied customer. We refer to this as ‘We all care’. We believe that properly trained, satisfied employees produce satisfied customers. For that reason we invest in the personal development and satisfaction of our employees.

We do so by offering interesting jobs in a pleasing working environment and a fun atmosphere. We place responsibilities as low as possible within the organisation, have short lines of communication and an excellent consultation structure. We reward effort, performance and dedication with an attractive salary and excellent fringe benefits.

Because we believe it is important that our employees are properly informed about goings-on at the company, we devote a lot of attention to internal communication. For example, we regularly post new messages on our intranet and every employee receives our restyled 'We all care' magazine four times a year.

Van Eerd also has a personnel association that regularly organises fun activities. Once every two years we organise a big party for all our employees and their partners. We also celebrate employee work anniversaries and other important events.

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Letter of application

Van Eerd is expanding and constantly developing. We regularly need new, enthusiastic colleagues. If you are interested in working at Van Eerd, please send your letter of application to Irene van Velthoven, P&O manager: irene.v.velthoven@vaneerd.nl.

Working and learning

Van Eerd is a certified training location for the theoretical apprenticeship training course in process technology [BBL-opleiding procestechniek]. This means we can train you to become a process operator. In that case we enter into a practical contract with you and school. We employ a variety of practical trainers who can supervising other workplace.

Van Eerd has partnership links with the regional training centre (ROC) and Tilburg local authority.

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Work placements and final year students

Students who need to do work placements and final year students, from all levels of Dutch education, are more than welcome. We can offer you a learning environment in which you cooperate with others in the organisation or work independently on an assignment. Of course you will be provided with excellent supervision.

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  • We Care

    We Care

    Our customers manufacture products with a great deal of care, and it is with the same high level of care that we make our cartons.

  • We take care of business

    We take care
    of business

    At Van Eerd our aim is to provide a perfect service to our customers. We are only satisfied when they are.

  • We all

    We all

    Each one of our employees makes a vital contribution to our end product. Together we are Van Eerd.

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